“What’s the point of elections?”

The protests in the streets must continue!

The effectiveness of steps taken by international partners, such as sanctions, depends on these street protests. Every day spent protesting is crucial for saving the country’s democracy.

Elections – October 26

We must remember the parliamentary elections in October, which will determine the fate of power.

However, the question arises: do these elections matter, or has the “Georgian Dream” reached its end? What should we do in such a case?

First, let’s consider why the government needed to reintroduce the Foreign Agent Law six months before the elections.

Why the Russian law?

  1. The authoritarian regime wants to demoralize us and undermine last year’s protest success. This is typical of Russian tactics.
  2. From its research, the government knows that it does not have a chance of gaining 50% support in the elections and forming a government. Therefore, it tries to undermine the civil sector and independent media, turning the elections into an uncontrolled space.
  3. Ivanishvili aims to prevent civil organizations and political parties from preparing for the elections.

“If they close us down, will the elections make sense?”

Yes, they will. And here’s why:

  1. We should not fall for the government’s attempt to make us lose faith in change. Their goal is to clear the field for the elections. The energy on the streets now should be directed towards the elections as they approach.
  2. We need a record-high turnout so that fraud mechanisms cannot defeat us.

“If they close us down, will the elections make sense?”

  1. Even if the government creates problems for organizations’ activities, hundreds of thousands of people who spend the night on the streets daily will defend our votes on October 26.
  2. If Ivanishvili falsifies the elections, he will not gain legitimacy from the citizens or international partners. Without recognition, he cannot maintain power.

what should we do?

  1. Be brave and remember that we are much more than the “Georgian Dream” or the police force. We have the truth on our side, and they are driven only by fear and greed.
  2. Stay calm and have a sense of humor when faced with propaganda. The battle will not be easy, but the victory will be worth it!
  3. Connect with like-minded people, get to know each other on and off the rally, and start organizing around the groups you have the most in common with.

what should we do?

  1. Call on the parties you support to form coalitions so opposition votes are not lost due to the 5% threshold.
  2. Convince everyone around you that this election is particularly important in Georgia’s history and that participation is necessary.
  3. Encourage expatriate relatives and friends to plan in advance to participate in the elections.

what should we do?

  1. Vote against the Georgian Dream. Do not be lazy. Convince everyone who still supports the “Georgian Dream” that their continued power for a fourth term could be disastrous for Georgia’s democracy and European integration.
  2. Protect your vote and expose government abuse, bribery, blackmail, and fraud. We are all in this fight together! If you share our vision and want to work together,

join us and spread the word!

Remember, we will win with our multitude because #StrengthInUnity

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