We support the “Georgian Charter” proposed by the President

Revitalizes political discussion [presents an action plan]

With political discussion currently suspended, voters need more opportunity to understand the political reality following the regime change. The President’s initiative to create a post-election action plan provides greater clarity to opposition-minded citizens.

Offers ‘unity without union’

The president urges the parties to unite around shared goals rather than form a single large opposition party, making it easier for citizens with diverse political preferences to choose. The agreement on the charter clarifies the opposition parties’ common objectives—Europe and the country’s democratization—while allowing them to compete individually in elections. This approach fosters more extensive discussion within the parties and encourages dialogue with voters.

What is written in the “Georgian Charter?”

The President’s Charter includes all the important issues necessary for European integration and the country’s democratic development.

  1. Repeal of laws harmful to the country

The president considers Russian law, offshore law, changes in the election code, and the so-called Law of wiretapping among the laws damaging to the European course.

  1. Strengthening the electoral system

To improve the system, the charter envisions changing the procedure for electing the CEC chairman and staffing the CEC, lowering the threshold, changing the procedure for financing parties, and allowing the diaspora to participate in elections without hindrance.

  1. Reforms

The reforms stipulated by the charter concern:

  • Judiciary – The judiciary will be freed from clan rule. A system of electronic distribution of cases will be introduced [political influences in the distribution are excluded], judges will not be able to hold office for a second term, and the jury will be strengthened. The authority of the Supreme Council of Justice will be significantly reduced.
  • State Security Service of Georgia/Ministry of Internal Affairs – Effective parliamentary control will be established over their activities.
  • Prosecutor’s Office – The Prosecutor General will be elected by a high quorum only for one term. The Prosecutor’s Council will be strengthened.
  • The Special Investigation Service will be strengthened and given absolute independence.
  • The anti-corruption agency will be separated from the government and will be given the authority to investigate corruption cases.
  • Independence will be returned to the National Bank by increasing the number of board members.
  • Regulatory bodies – independent heads will be appointed democratically.
  1. The government is presented by the president.

The president of Georgia will nominate the government responsible for implementing this action plan.

  1. Early elections will be called

According to the charter, the conditions outlined will be fulfilled before the end of the spring session, and immediately after fulfillment, early parliamentary elections will be prepared and held.

All pro-Western opposition parties should join the “Georgian Charter” and create a meaningful unity for the benefit of the Georgian people.

სხვა სიახლეები