Challenge Accepted

The Russian law has come into effect. “Georgian Dream” has overridden the president’s veto.

With each of us and, therefore, Georgia’s future now under threat, we have accepted the challenge. Previously, our objective was to repeal the Russian law; now, we are uniting to change the government, which we aim to accomplish on October 26, during the parliamentary elections.

  1. The government aims to retain power by manipulating the elections. This year, a record number of citizens are expected to participate in the elections, and through this, we will counteract the deceptive tactics of “Georgian Dream.”
  2. If the government expects public sector employees to back them, we will demonstrate that these employees serve Georgia, not “Georgian Dream.”
  3. If the government hopes to gather support through intimidation, bribery, and violence, we will demonstrate that the love for our country is not for sale.
  4. If the authorities underestimate Georgian immigrants, the one million Georgians living outside the borders of Georgia will reveal the power that each citizen has in various parts of the world.

When the government chooses the Russian regime, we will firmly choose the European Union and a democratic Georgia.

To win the elections, a collective effort from the citizens is necessary – each one of us who has either fought in the streets or supported the protests for a month and a half within Georgia and abroad.

Remember that we will win through our multitude because strength is in unity.

სხვა სიახლეები