GEGMA – Georgians Engage, Grow, Mobilize, Act


Georgia is at a crossroads. In the near future, it will be determined whether Georgia will return home to Europe or find itself among the camp of authoritarian countries given the current geopolitical changes in the world.

“Russian law” poses a threat to the country’s democracy, European integration, and sovereignty. By hijacking state institutions, engaging in corruption, and manipulating citizens’ choices, the informal ruler and oligarch Ivanishvili is establishing a Russian-style regime in the country.

Despite these challenges, our multitude and unity assure us that the victory of Georgia is within our grasp.


The only way out of this difficult political crisis is through unity and the involvement of citizens in the political process. Therefore, we, the Georgian people, are ready to direct our multitude toward a common goal. Each of us will protect the country’s democracy and its European future with our own hands. We will actively engage in all processes necessary to achieve this goal, whether in the digital or physical space.


​​Every day, for more than a month-long protest, we prove that we are more than we thought. We will maintain and strengthen our unity before the elections—the energy of change will envelop all corners and families of Georgia. For this, each of us will collect, gather, and unite like-minded people around a common idea. In this way, our unity will overcome all obstacles.


The fight for freedom has never been easy. We are confronting an authoritarian system that mobilizes black money, Russian propaganda, and criminals. To win this battle, we will gather energy, utilize our knowledge and all our skills, and direct these efforts toward a common goal.


In the coming months, we will transform our energy into actions that will lead to regime change: we will engage in protests, expose government violence and bribery; young people, immigrants, civil servants and others—every Georgian patriot will cast and defend their vote against the authoritarian regime.

Remember, we will win with our multitude because #StrengthIsInUnity

სხვა სიახლეები