Fair Play, Fair Society

Dear Mr. Čeferin & Mrs. Faeser,

For the first time, Georgia has qualified for UEFA Euro 2024, bringing nationwide joy. However, our government’s actions have abruptly ended this celebration, posing an existential threat to Georgia’s democracy and its European aspirations.

Georgian society has strongly opposed this law, with 44 days of continuous protests involving hundreds of thousands. The Riot Police have brutally responded, using tear gas, pepper spray, rubber bullets, and water cannons, resulting in hundreds of injuries. Protesters face daily beatings and arrests, with 196 detained so far.

In April 2024, the government reintroduced the ‘Foreign Agents Law,’ which mirrors its Russian original. This law, initially proposed last year and withdrawn due to protests, threatens media freedom, NGOs, and civil society, jeopardizing our European future and EU membership. It has faced international criticism from the EU, the European Commission, MEPs, and the US.

Levan Kobiashvili, President of the Georgian Football Federation, and former footballer Mikheil Kavelashvili, who are also MPs, voted for the law’s adoption. Additionally, Kakha Kaladze supports it and is known for anti-EU statements. Our government attacks the EU and has fallen under Kremlin influence, isolating us geopolitically and putting us under Russia’s sway.

Football symbolizes unity, resilience, and hope in Georgia. Our UEFA Euro 2024 qualification rekindles national pride. We appeal to UEFA, which is dedicated to fairness, inclusion, and respect, to support us.

We ask UEFA to raise awareness of our challenges. This victory belongs to the Georgian people, and we believe that those responsible for the law, like Kobiashvili and Kavelashvili, should be banned from the matches. UEFA’s support can amplify our call for democracy, human rights, and media freedom in Georgia.

Sports, particularly football, can bring positive change. By supporting our cause, UEFA can ensure our historic qualification is not overshadowed by the erosion of our democratic foundations.

Please help us fight for our basic human rights.

Thank you for your attention and support,


The People of Georgia

სხვა სიახლეები