About Us



Shame Movement represents a non-commercial legal entity. Originating from the protests of June 20, 2019, “Shame” was initially the main slogan of the protest wave. Later it evolved into the organization’s name. Numerous protests and social campaigns are connected to the organization.

Our Goal

The organization is dedicated to advancing Georgia’s democratic development and facilitating its integration into the Euro-Atlantic sphere. We prioritize protecting human rights, advocating for fair and free elections, and enhancing civil awareness throughout Georgia. For the fifth consecutive year, we remain committed to collaborating with young individuals and diverse social groups to pursue these objectives.


Organizational Structure

Shame Movement has 12 founding members. The founders convene to select the organization’s board, which holds the authority for its governance. The movement’s administrative structure consists of the board and the executive director. Comprising 11 members, the board appoints the organization’s director.