What’s Our Plan?

Government’s Plan

  1. The ruling party will overcome Salome Zurabishvili’s veto at the beginning of June. Amid criticism from international partners, the government declares it is ready to introduce “amendments” to the law before overcoming the veto. This only serves to weaken the protest.
  2. As soon as the Russian Law comes into effect, the government will intensify repression against both organizations and individuals. The government’s goal is to weaken civil and media organizations in the coming months so that the elections remain vulnerable and uncontrolled; to instill fear in citizens and foster a nihilistic attitude towards elections.
  3. 50% + 1 votes are needed to form the government through elections, which “Georgian Dream” does not even have a theoretical chance of getting. Therefore, their goal is to leave relatively small parties outside the parliament with a high, 5% electoral threshold, and thereby artificially increase their percentage result. On the other hand, to maintain power through intimidation, blackmail, bribery, and rigging of elections.

Our Plan

  1. Let’s not allow the government to deceive us in the process of amending Russian law. This law, in the hands of “Georgian Dream,” in any form, will bring the same result for the country’s democracy and European integration. Therefore, let’s continue the protest and let the withdrawal of Russian law remain our main demand.
  2. In parallel with the protest, citizens should start preparing for the elections and not underestimate their importance.
    • Georgian Dream’s resources for rigging the elections will not be effective if a record number of citizens participate in the elections. This is completely possible.
    • We must convince our relatives and family members to vote against the government.
    • When full-force pressure on civil and media organizations is launched, we should resort to self-organization and defend our vote in the elections.
  1. When, despite our efforts, the Georgian government, like Lukashenko, turns to massive election fraud, let’s create all the grounds for the legitimacy of their power to be questioned not only by citizens but also by international partners.
  2. We call on the opposition parties:
    • Unite under one number or create large political centers so that no opposition vote is lost due to the high threshold. The most acute political crisis in the country requires such unity as it is now in the people and on the streets.
    • Agree on the issues on which the Georgian people already agree – cancel all the harmful initiatives that the “Georgian Dream” took, for example: Cancellation of the Russian law and the offshore law; Taking necessary steps for European integration; Depoliticization of the judicial system, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Prosecutor’s Office, and the Central Election Commission, etc.

The goal of the government is to demoralize us.

Remember that we will win with our multitude because


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