Massive Attack’ against massive attack

Dear Massive Attack, your upcoming performance in Georgia is exciting news for music lovers everywhere. Georgian fans are especially excited for your show. However, it is vital, now more than ever, to understand the serious and alarming political context in which your event will occur.

Currently, Georgia’s civil society, independent media, socially vulnerable groups, LGBTQIA+ community, women, ethnic, religious, and other minorities are facing a massive attack from the government.

This repression manifests in several forms:

Oligarchic Control: For over a decade, oligarch Bidzina Ivanishvili and his creation, the “Georgian Dream” party, have dominated the nation, committing to a comprehensive state capture. Their governance is heavily influenced by the Russian authoritarian regime. Evidence of this influence is widespread, from European Union bodies advocating sanctions against Georgian politicians, including Ivanishvili himself, to the U.S. sanctioning corrupt supreme court judges and a former prosecutor identified as an agent advancing Russian interests.

Anti-Democratic Legislations: Recently, the government has launched a massive assault against the Georgian populace by initiating various oppressive laws:

The Russian Law (Foreign Agents Law) threatens non-governmental organisations and free media, making EU membership impossible as it violates democratic principles. Despite international disapproval and non-stop massive protests by Georgians, the government continues to advocate for this law, with apparent support only from Russia—endorsed by figures such as the pro-Russian ideologue Dugin and senior Russian officials like Medvedev and Peskov.

The “Anti-LGBTQ Propaganda Law,” an amendment to the constitution, curtails the freedom of expression for minorities, leading to their stigmatisation and oppression. It aims to censor various forms of media and cultural expressions including theatre, literature, cinema, and publishing.

The “Offshore Law,” rapidly advanced through parliament, allows Ivanishvili and other billionaire oligarchs to establish a tax haven in Georgia, facilitating increased greed and further exploitation of financial resources from the public.

Violent Repressions: As Georgian society strives to reclaim democratic values, the government counters with brutality, assaulting and intimidating civilians, activists, and journalists during demonstrations.

Your upcoming performance at the Black Sea Arena – a venue constructed by Ivanishvili and now funded by the state – risks being manipulated as part of the Georgian Dream’s pre-election tactics to divert public attention from pressing issues and obscure these critical concerns during the electoral period.

Knowing that Massive Attack champions justice, freedom of expression, civil activism, and LGBTQ+ rights, we ask you to familiarise yourselves with the alarming political climate in Georgia. We hope you take this matter to heart and respond in the way you think is best. At the very least, we hope to see you speak out against these anti-democratic actions when you’re on stage.

We trust you will leverage your influential platform to support the Georgian people in their fight to safeguard their freedoms and democratic future.

With Love,
The People of Georgia

დაკავშირებული თემები