If a police officer captures a photograph of you

You might have frequently observed or found yourself in a situation where, upon being stopped, a police officer takes a photo with their phone. This might have prompted you to wonder about the legality of such actions by law enforcement officers.

The police officer does not have the authority to take a photo of you if you possess an ID card and can be readily identified through it. Furthermore, they are not permitted to do so using their personal phone, as it would entail the storage of your personal data for an extended period.

Even in the absence of your ID, the police officer can confirm your identity by accessing the existing database using your name and surname.

Typically, when interacting with a police officer, it’s advisable to request the activation of the right-hand camera, if available. You can tell it’s on if only the red light is flashing.

You also possess the right, and we highly recommend, to always record your conversation with the police officer using your phone or camera. They do not have the authority to prohibit you from capturing videos.

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