“F*ck this System!” – Luka Siradze

“F*ck this System!” – Luka Siradze

Photo (December 18, 2019. The “Shame Movement” performance against the oppressive system)

Fifteen-year-old Luka Siradze, who attempted suicide after police pressure, died in the clinic on December 17, 2019.

The teenager attempted suicide after being questioned at the police station, where he was asked to confess to painting the walls of the school. The interview with the minor lasted about six and a half hours, and he was in the institution until midnight. The process of questioning and interviewing continued for a long time, including at night.

There are no rooms for minors in the police, and the survey was conducted in a single space. Based on testimony, the investigator told Luka Siradze that if he did not confess to the crime, his brother, who was studying at the military academy, would face problems. Additionally, the investigator confronted the minor with other witnesses summoned to the police station during the same period, including the representative of the school administration and other minors.

Soon after the tragedy, inscriptions saying ”F*ck this system” appeared on the streets. The teenager was arrested by the police for writing this phrase on the walls of the school, and the decision to commit suicide was influenced by the brutality of the interrogation. Later, Luka’s words changed form and became a slogan against the oppressive system.

Spontaneously made inscriptions all over the country saying “Fuck this system!” can still be seen in different places.

In September 2020, the court sentenced only one of the investigators, Mariana Choloian, to three years in prison on the charge of forcing a teenager to testify. However, she left the penitentiary early on August 4, 2021. Choloian was released by the decision of the Udo Commission.