15 years since the war

15 years since the war

Putin's first target: Georgia - 2008

Despite propaganda narratives, many facts from the war of August 2008 remain largely unnoticed by the public.

Even after 15 years since the August War, Russian propaganda continues to push the narrative that the war began on August 8, intending to shift blame onto Georgia.

However, the reality is that Russia had been preparing for this war for years, initiating economic, energy, and military provocations. Their military actions began as early as August 1, 2008, with attacks in the Tskhinvali region.

The official start of the war occurred on August 7, when the Russian army invaded the territory controlled by the Georgian central government. It is essential not to spread Russian propaganda but to seek accurate information on the events.

Fifteen years after the war, we tried to show how Georgia became Putin’s first target and how Russia started preparing for the war a few years earlier.