100 years of occupation

100 years of occupation

On February 25, 2021, on the 100th anniversary of the Soviet occupation of Georgia, a demonstration organized by the “Sirshvilia” movement took place, for which preparations began a few months earlier. Video clips and information cards were created, the purpose of which was to remind the public about the results of repressions and share little-known historical facts with them.

At the same time, through the organization’s network of regional activists, stencils were made and posters with slogans – “100 years of occupation”, “Never Back to USSR” were distributed in the central cities of Georgia.

“Never Back to USSR” became one of the main slogans of the campaign, which does not lose its relevance even today and is still used when anti-occupation, anti-Russian sentiments are activated. “Never Back to USSR” is the organization’s response to the words of Vladimir Putin, where the dictator publicly stated that “the collapse of the Soviet Union was the tragedy of the century”.

The demonstration was carried out in cooperation with the “Soviet Past Research Laboratory”. Based on the materials obtained from the archive, the citizens gathered in front of the parliament once again saw the brutality of the Soviet Union and heard about the dedicated struggle of Georgian heroes.

At the same rally, the organization demanded that the authorities take effective steps to release 5 citizens of Georgia illegally detained by the occupation regime.