Shame Movement calls on the parties to sign the agreement

The Georgian Dream is responsible for overcoming Georgia’s political and economic crisis, but the regrettable irresponsibility of Georgia’s ruling party does not absolve the opposition of the responsibility to refract the process.

We need to overcome the deadlock that the country has entered, forcing it to take steps backward or stagnate at best. It is crucial for the society to receive the power-sharing mechanisms in exchange for the sacrifices it has already made, which will protect the country from similar lawlessness of the authorities in the future.

The agreement offered by the supporters of Georgia’s democratic development, the United States and the European Union, is currently the optimal way to overcome the crisis. The updated document describes the terms and ways of enforcement, denying the government the opportunity of tricks or blame-shifting. If the government does not fulfill all of its obligations, the legitimacy of the boycott will no longer raise any questions either home or abroad.

This document is a chance to hold the Georgian Dream accountable for considering the rule of law, freedom of elections, independent judiciary and other important milestones of democracy as a “compromise”. The opposition, on the other hand, has a responsibility to prove that the fight for distribution of power is no less important than its fight for power, and to achieve the goal of early elections by winning convincingly in local government elections.

As for the “Gavrilov Night”, the principled position of the Shame Movement is that amnesty should in no way be extended to the harsh crimes committed by public officials. All those who used violent force to disperse and mutilate the demonstrators and those who ordered it should be punished. The agreement does not mention the concrete articles of the criminal code the amnesty touches, so they must be established by the parliament and the opposition should remain uncompromising in that regard.

Given that we consider a small compromise as a guarantee of a better future, the Shame Movement calls on the government and opposition parties to sign the agreement.